get naloxone to everyone you can


Season 1 Episode 2: A life-saving nasal spray


Get the overdose reversal drug, naloxone (aka Narcan) into the hands of everyone who has opioid use disorder or knows someone who does, and train them how to use it. Family, friends and people with addiction themselves can play a big role in stopping overdose death.


A life lost, a life saved. The main character of this episode isn’t a person. It’s a nasal spray. Naloxone (aka Narcan) saves lives from opioid overdoses (heroin, painkillers, fentanyl). Across the U.S. people are dying from opioids, but their deaths are preventable. We walk you through how to save a life using the overdose antidote.

This season we’re in Snohomish County, Washington which has an oversized share of overdose deaths in the state and is now treating the opioid epidemic like a natural disaster.


Snohomish County overdose and addiction treatment resource guide.  

Learn to administer Naloxone through an online training. 

Learn more about Naloxone and the different forms it comes in.  

Research: Family members can be life savers.

Research: One study found 61% of drug overdoses occurred at home.